Spanish Garlic & Habanero


‘Spanish Garlic & Habanero’ evolves from ancient Iberian recipes using the freshest ingredients blended with Pink Himalayan salt, fermented in toasted oak and spiked with white wine vinegar for the perfect balance of flavor & heat that Salsavores need to survive in the wild. No additives, no preservatives; just pure wild. Use it on just about everything savory. We are still searching for the limits for this one – basically anything that is wrapped in a tortilla or corn shell; pizza, BBQ, pasta, burgers, mayo dip, eggs, all types of meat and kebab (ohhhh the kebab). Haven’t tried it on sushi…yet. Let us know if you do. No additives, no preservatives…just pure wild. Salsavore.

150 ml
  • Shipping just 2€/bottle in Spain (except Balearic Islands at 4€/bottle) and 5€/per bottle for the rest of Europe
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Habaneros, garlic, carrots, white wine vinegar, onion, salt

Average values per 100 g:

Energy value 590 Kj / 141 Kcal
Fat 9 g
of which saturated 28 g
Carbohydrates 0.68 g
of which sugars 0.68 g
Protein 12 g
Salt 0.36 g

5 reviews for Spanish Garlic & Habanero

  1. Sara Wilson

    I absolutely love my Spanish habanero and garlic hot sauce made by Salsavore. Such a beautiful combination of flavors with the perfect degree of spice. It goes well with everything. Best of all, the ingredients are authentically Spanish and so is the product itself. From taste to presentation, this is a truly unique hot sauce that’s made with love. I highly recommend it as a gift or as a small self indulgence.

  2. David Lindsay

    Fortunate enough to pick up a bottle of this hot sauce whilst travelling around Spain. Super-impressed. It’s clearly a quality product, and I’m sure that a lot of care has gone into the sourcing of the ingredients (I note we have Himalayan Salt, for example), but this alone can’t explain the taste. It’s incomparable to anything you can buy in the supermarkets, and a read of the (very inventive) label reveals that the fermentation process takes place in toasted oak barrels – I suspect this accounts for a lot of the difference between the mainstream stainless steel vats. You get what you pay for, and this is top drawer.

  3. Lucas Hayhurst

    Salsavore (habanero and Spanish garlic). The primitive cave painting design on the bottle brings to mind a savage rawness which might suggest caution: a fierce heat is to be expected.
    In truth, the flavours are much more subtle and refined. Initially the zesty tang of garlic expertly cuts through any fatty cold meats, sausages, burgers and the like. Soon the warming heat of the chili spreads over the tongue like a summer wave. Hot soups and stews develop a new depth and sophistication. The fermenting of garlic and chili in this salsa has been expertly executed to a superior level. The multi-leveled taste experience is a joy for chili lovers. I wait with bated breath to try the next recipe from Salsavore.

    Cheers, Lucas

  4. Mark Hooper

    I added this sauce to some steaks sizzling on the BBQ just before serving. The result – a taste sensation! It added just the right balance of complimentary flavours, and the perfect amount of ´zing´ that became the talking point of the meal. Thank you, from a very satisfied customer 🙂

  5. Cathal McCann

    I’ve searched long and hard for my favourite sauce and, thankfully, here it is at long last!
    A fabulous authentic blend of smooth ingredients, with a stunning rich flavor which makes you want more. It packs a spicy bite in it to perfectly complement whatever you so wish to put it on.

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