Níspero Picante – Hot Loquat


Níspero is loquat in English. Our Hot Loquat is very special as we are located in the region with the only Denomination of Origin in Europe for the prized loquat. Loquats can be described as sweet, tangy with a touch of both sour and tropical hinting with notes of a simultaneous variety of other fruits. It is simply awesome. We didn’t even need to add honey. We simply combined them with the floral Peruvian Ají Amarillo and some apple cider vinegar for a unique and mysteriously addictive flavor. This is great for a dipping sauce or splash it on fish and seafood, white meat, salads and grilled anything. Here in the area we have restaurants using this sauce on  Chilean Empanadas (Palau Café Bistro in Altea) to give you an idea of it’s versatility. Get some today and discover the spicy happy that is Salsavore.

150 ml
  • Shipping just 2€/bottle in Spain (except Balearic Islands at 4€/bottle) and 5€/per bottle for the rest of Europe
  • 30 day risk free money back guarantee
  • Customers rate Salsavore 5 / 5

Loquat, Ají Amarillo peppers, apple cider vinegar, Pink Himalayan Salt


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