Blueberry & Habanero


Blueberry and Habanero is true to its name. A burst of blueberry at first taste is balanced with a touch of honey and followed by mild heat at the back of the throat. It lies somewhere between sweet and savory. It is fantastic on venison and other red meat as well as fish and seafood. Mix into mayonnaise to liven up any sandwich or burger. It even goes great on ice cream. As with our other sauces, Blueberry and Habanero is 100% natural with no additives or preservatives; just pure wild. Get some today and discover the spicy happy that is Salsavore.

150 ml
  • Shipping just 2€/bottle in Spain (except Balearic Islands at 4€/bottle) and 5€/per bottle for the rest of Europe
  • 30 day risk free money back guarantee
  • Customers rate Salsavore 5 / 5

Organic Blueberry, Habanero peppers, white wine vinegar, Pink Himalayan Salt


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