How is it made?

Salsavore hot sauces are made with a labor of love. We start with high quality so that we may finish with high quality. It’s not magic, just the honest facts.

When the fresh peppers and veggies enter Salsavore Headquarters in Altea they are first sorted and washed. When sparkling clean, they are chopped and ground into a fine mash where they are formally introduced to Pink Himalayan salt. Howdy!

Fermentation may now take place in a safe environment. Yayyy! Once all of the ingredients are mashed, blended and salted they are placed lovingly into airlocked tanks with toasted oak where they will ferment for almost two months.

The fermented mash is then combined with other natural ingredients, heated and blended before being bottled. Once bottled, they sit next to each other pondering the spicy happy they will share with the world. Awww…

Now that you know how we make our Salsavore Hot Sauces…

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Let us know how you enjoy Salsavore Hot Sauces! If we publish your brilliant creations and combos, you get free Salsavore Hot Sauce.

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